Free Lesbian Chat rooms for lesbians has multiple chatrooms. This ensures, that every lesbian joining our chatrooms can be sure of finding just the right chat channel for herself :-)

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Lesbians are different! Our lesbian chatrooms accomodate this fact best! If you are more into a mature lesbian chat, come and join our chat for older gay women. If you are a lesbian teenager make sure to join our lesbian teen chat. If you want to talk about general lesbian life make sure to pop in and say hi to everyone on the general talk chatchannel.

  • Lesbian Chat Channels

Available Channels for english speaking lesbians are:

General Lesbian Chat Room
Looking for a fun chat with lesbians of all different interests and ages.

Chatroom for Lesbian Singles
This is a fabulous place to meet other single lesbians online. 

Chatroom for Lesbian Teens
A cool place for lesbian teenagers to hang out, meet new friends and have fun.

Lesbian Chatroom for 30 and over
Clean chat for an older and more mature lesbian crowd.

We have the same rooms for german speaking lesbians. Of course you can always create your own private room and invite other lesbians to join you in your channel. It's so easy and so much fun. You gotta try it out. You can create rooms in spanish for instance or have a particular outdoor activity as the theme. It's all up to you. Use your imagination of who you would like to chat with.

  • General Info on chatting

Make sure you read our Chat Netiquette and Safety Tips to make your chat experience on a good one :)
Also we have made a FAQ with the most frequently asked questions about chatting. Make sure you read through it if you have any questions.

  • Welcome to our lesbian chatrooms

If you are new to the whole SHOE Lesbian Online Community, we would like to say WELCOME TO SHOE first of all! What a good choice! This lesbian online community is one of the best and safest in the whole wide world!

So we want to welcome you, to your new free, friendly and safe lesbian chat home :-) All you need to do now is to sign up to the SHOE Network if you don't already have a password. As soon you can be off to start having cosy and interesting chats with lesbians from around the world.

  • Chat Technology (Webbased / IRC Chat)

The chat is a web based chat. It does not run on mIRC / Ircle. We used to have a chat that did but it proved to be too difficult for most to take part in. So that is why we have changed it to a web based one. But with todays technology this is no longer a setback ;-)

This chat offers you video and audio chat. Cool, eh? ;-)

So you might ask yourself: What is mIRC / Ircle?
mIRC (for Microsoft Windows) and Ircle (for Apple Macintosh) are external chat programs used to allow you to access the old free lesbian chat from the SHOE Lesbian community without login on through the SHOE Lesbian Community website. The advantage was, that if the SHOE Lesbian Community website was down for maintenance, you were still be able to the lesbian chat through these external chat programs. Some of these programs may cost.

For more information on mIRC and Ircle and how to install them, please click here: mIRC or Ircle Info.

  • Get your own lesbian chatroom for free and invite all your friends

Our chats are so great, because you can have your very own free lesbian chatroom with your very own topics. As a lesbian chatroom owner you will be automatically the operator.

Temporary free lesbian chatroom
By clicking on the corresponding button a new channel is being created automatically. You will also be the operator - meaning in charge - of that room. Once you leave the lesbian chat, the room will close.

Please make sure, your description includes: 18+ only

If your lesbian chatroom has not been used for more than 150 days, it will be deleted.

  • Moderated lesbian chatrooms

So you might be wondering by now, if your lesbian chatrooms are moderated. The answer is yes. We call them CHOPS.

Channel operator (CHOP) is just a user like you. If you see a different color on someone's nick, it means that person has CHOP status. The operator can kick and ban users from the channel for breaking the SHOE Houserules. No action may be taken for personal reasons. Every kick and ban needs to be reported by the CHOPs to the SHOE Team to prevent power trips by individual CHOPs.

These SHOE CHOPs are just like any other user, but also have the added RESPONSIBILITY of helping to keep the SHOE Chatroom a safe and happy place to chat :-) This means that a SHOE CHOPs job (break your tongue *g*) is to make sure, that everyone is abiding by the SHOE Houserules, that new users are made feel welcomed and assist with any questions users may have about the SHOE Chatrooms.
In order to do a good job, a SHOE CHOP is given added powers in order to kick/ban users.

The overall say and power however has only the owners of - Lesbian Online Community

Please do not ask us to become a CHOP. We select users ourselves who we believe are fit to do the job right. If you encounter a problem with a CHOP, please contact us directly . We will then look into the matter and if necessary take appropriate steps.

If you see the symbol @ in one of the user channels (channels created by users themselves with their own topic) means that this person is the owner of that room and may kick you out of their channel for any reason.

If you don't like this, you complain to them or start your own free lesbian chatroom channel and become a channel operator there yourself.

  • How to report abuse

We do everything we can, to provide you with a safe and cosy free lesbian chatroom. If you notice anyone not abiding by the rules or netiquette, please report them immediately to us. You can do this by sending NEKA a private message.

Type: /msg neka REPORT <nickname> <reason>

where <nickname> is the nickname of the abusing person and <reason> the reason, why you are reporting this user. Or contact the SHOE-team via the contact form on - Lesbian Online Community We thank you!

  • Need More Help

Do you have more questions? Please check our very extensive help files where you can just read "Help" or search by keyword.
We also try to be present in the lesbian chatrooms as often as possible. So if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to join the help channel by typing: /join #help

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