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This free chat site for lesbians that offers multiple rooms in a safe and friendly enviroment has been launched by the SHOE Lesbian Community. It was established back in 1997 as one of the first of it's kind.

The SHOE Lesbian Community is a virtual safe haven where Lesbians can meet new friends, network, get information and exchange views & news. The main goal however is to empower lesbians wherever they live and help them come out with easiness through fun and friendship.

SHOE is - since 1997 - profoundly anchored within the lesbian and gay community and cannot be imagined without. The SHOE Lesbian Community supports also many LGBT Organisations in Switzerland and abroad.

Our online lesbian community offers not only a safe and very friendly free chat for lesbians with multiple chatrooms. For instance, we have our general chatroom for lesbians where you can talk about just anything. We have chatrooms for mature lesbians, chatrooms for lesbian teenagers and more. We also have many other possibilities for lesbians to meet for friendship and love. Make sure to check not only our lesbian chatrooms but also our forums, blogs, classifieds and whateve else tickles your fancy ;-)

We are a very friendly bunch. You'll love the women on the SHOE Lesbian Chat. They are very welcoming and friendly.

The whole SHOE Lesbian Community is run since 1997 by Sunci and Fab. Two swiss girls with a big heart and lots of girl power. Our aim is to connet lesbians all around the world. We have met each other in July 1997 and on the very first evening the idea for an online lesbian community was born. In 2010 we finally got married wohoooo. We live in Switzerland with our cute Boston Terrier Corky.

That's us *g*

Sunci (red hair) & Fab (blond hair)