Our New Free Lesbian Chat - FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • Lesbian Chat Online: How do I chat with other lesbians in the Video Chat?

To chat with other lesbians go to and click on the following tabs:
»» Community - Chat and then choose a Channel.

You must register with the SHOE Lesbian Social Network and create a username first to use our lesbian chat.
  • Lesbian Chat Online: Enjoy chatting with other lesbians from all around the world

Available Channels for english speaking lesbians are:

General Lesbian Chat Room
Looking for a fun chat with lesbians of all different interests and ages.

Chatroom for Lesbian Singles
This is a fabulous place to meet other single lesbians online. 

Chatroom for Lesbian Teens
A cool place for lesbian teenagers to hang out, meet new friends and have fun.

Lesbian Chatroom for 30 and over
Clean chat for an older and more mature lesbian crowd.

Yes, of course you also have the option to create your own room and invite all your lesbian friends :)

We have the same rooms for german speaking lesbians. Of course you can always create your own room and invite other lesbians to join you. You can create rooms in spanish for instance or have a particular outdoor activity as the theme. Any way you like ;-)

  • Lesbian Chat Online: How do I chat with other lesbians?
Once you are in the selected room, type what you want to say in the text box and hit "send." All lesbians in the chat room will see everything you have typed once you send it.
  • Lesbian Chat Online: Send Private Messages / Whisper

You can send private messages that are viewed only by one other chatter in the room by either clicking on a username and clicking the personal/whisper message button.

  • Lesbian Chat Online: What should I do if I get a message says : "AV connection rejected" ?

There are few things that can effecting and caused this problem.

1): It can happened when you are still looking or having an AV lesbian chat online then with one lesbian who's having AV chat with you is leaving the lesbian chatroom or is disconnected from the chat for lesbians. If this happened, your AV streams might still be online and didnt freeze at all so you dont have to log out. All you have to do is just stop your av stream and refresh it by clicking the little cam button to turn it off then press it again to turn it on.

2): If the problem has happen when you first entered the chatroom for lesbians, then check the right bottom corner for a message saying : AV connections rejected. Then all you have to do is log out and try to log in to the lesbian online chatroom again with a new internet browser and clear the cache.

  • Lesbian Chat Online: What should i do when i saw someone's Cam frozen?

To have a good quality AV chat for lesbians - it's free - you need to have a good internet connection, good bandwith and of course a good quality webcam and mic too. Our main room or lobby for the lesbian community is set up as many to many or as converence room. If your internet connection is not fast for example using dial up , please do not expecting your cam session will be as good as broadband or cable connection. For example if you see Lesbian A's webcam frozen please ask the other female chatters who are watching A's webcam if her cam is frozen or not. If some women have the same problem that means A needs to turn off the cam and refresh it by click the little cam button to turn it off then press it again to turn it on. But If other girls don't have a problem with A's cam then you need to refresh your AV streams.

  • Lesbian Chat Online: If my Webcam / Mic is frozen, what should I do?

First you need to refresh your stream ( see question above ) and if still doesn't work please try to log out and log into the SHOE Lesbian Community Chat again using a new internet browser window.

  • Lesbian Chat Online: Is this chatroom working with any kind of internet browser such as AOL, IE, or Firefox ?

Yes it's working with all browsers but if you still have a problem to signing in please contact us for more technical support.

  • Lesbian Chat Online: What should I do if after I clicked the chat button but the chat page goes blank and no sign in page opens?

Our community chatrooms are using Flash software. So please make sure you have the latest Flash software installed on your PC. To install the latest Flash software you can download for free. But if after you download the flash and the problem still occured please contact us for more information.

  • Lesbian Chat Online: I have a Mac and have built in camera / mic in my notebook / Ipad. How can I activate my cam/mic in this community chatroom for women?

1) Make sure your main AV button is ON. (to turn on av button, click on the camera icon on the bar just above the text message box)
2) On the left hand side of the text message box is your own camera (with a shadow figure in it). Move your cursor to the bottom of the shadow and you will see another cam icon.
3) Click on the cam icon and hold down ctrl with a click / do a right click.
4) Click on Configure Cam / Setting
5) On the drop down bar, select USB Video Class Video.
6) For AV Audio, all you need to do is go configure Microphone and on the drop down bar, select built-in Microphone.
7) Remember to click on the cam button to active it (for both Cam and Mic) .

  • What is when the AV box shows up with no name under it, What does it mean?

This means the woman has already logged out or the AV ( Audio-Video) streams has already disconnected but is still in your computer's cache / memory. To refresh just turn off your AV and click the little cam icon Next to B twice and start the AV all over again.

  • Chatting on our lesbian chat network: Chat safety tips

Chatting online has become the favourite past time occupation for millions of lesbians since it was introduced. With new chat technology bringing voice and video chat into the spotlight, even more virtual communication possibilities abound. Chatting online with other lesbians from around the world is fun and a great way to keep in touch with all your lesbian friends whether you are home, at work, at school or using the lesbian chat from your mobile device.

Chatrooms are more than safe aslong as you use common sense. Chatting online might have its dangers though. Predators may take advantage of those who don't know how to protect themselves or what they may be getting into. Chatrooms are what you make them. We have put together some safety tips that will help you and your lesbian friends you care about stay safe while chatting online:

NEVER give personal information online. Your real name, address, telephone number and email address should be kept to yourself when meeting people online.

Stay anonymous, you should always use your nickname while online and never reveal your real name.

Never agree to meet someone without a parent present (if underaged) or without telling a friend or even taking a friend with you.

Tell the SHOE-Team if anything strange happens or anything is said to you that makes you feel uncomfortable.

We suggest that you do not discuss private matters publicly.

Following these chatting safety tips should help you enjoy the benefits of chatting online whether it is through text, video or voice. The Internet provides many resources that make our lifef more convenient and fun. However, always be aware that some people do not have good intentions or are mischievous, so be smart, think before you type and obey the rules of netiquette. If unsure you may always contact the SHOE-team. We are here to help.

  • Chat Rules and Netiquette

The SHOE Lesbian Community has a well-established and friendly community with multiple chatroosm for lesbians (teenagers, general chitchat, mature women, coming out, advice chat) which is intended to offer lesbians, bisexual and transgendered women the opportunity to chat and find and offer friendship and real support, to exchange personal experiences and to simply have fun being a lesbian. It is therefore our duty to keep this community a safe and welcoming place for all our lesbian members inside and outside the lesbian chatrooms.

We have had several years experience of managing this community (our first launch was in 1997) and these rules have evolved with our experience to ensure the SHOE Lesbian Chat Community remains a friendly, fun and supportive environment for everyone. The rules govern your use of the SHOE International Network forums, board, mailinglists and lesbian chatroom specifically, but are also relevant to member content areas (nickpages, instant messenger, photo gallery posts)- they're mostly about common sense and courtesy, but your adherence to them will help to ensure that everyone has a positive experience on SHOE Lesbian Chatrooms and other areas.

We, the SHOE-Team, can edit or delete messages as we see fit, it is our sole discretion. This is for your benefit and is to ensure the community stays friendly, fun and supportive. If you feel unable to accept this rule, then we politely request that you find what you seek in communities elsewhere.

Please always remember that the people behind the nicknames are real human beings with real feelings. Treat others the same way you want to be treated. We encourage a healthy exchange of opinions and disagreements are allowed! By all means challenge an opinion – but please do it respectfully.

Do not flame or personally insult another user. Please do not harass, threaten or attack anyone, or behave in any way that would cause annoyance or distress to other users. This includes the use of offensive nicknames and usernames.
Do not try to force your opinion on other users. Remember the world is a big place full of very different people. They may have different views and opinions. Respect them! Attack the issue, not the person.


This lesbian chat is free and open to all Members of the - Lesbian Online Community

The 'chat' environment on the World Wide Web has allowed us a new means of communication worldwide, with many cultures meeting in a new environment, to create a new 'virtual' world community. As in any community, there are norms that are the basic guidelines for behaviour and interaction.

The constraints of web etiquette and web protocol are based on an honor system, passed, for the most part, by word of mouth and example, from old timers to 'newbies'.

This system of determining how we interact with each other in this brave new world has a language and style of it's own.

What rules of polite interaction from real life apply in the virtual lesbian chat community?

There are 10 Lesbian Chat netiquette you should take into consideration...

Lesbian Chat Netiquette

  1. Remember that the lesbians behind the nicknames are real human beings with real feelings. Treat others the same way you want to be treated - with respect.

  2. When first entering a chat room, observe what is being discussed. Then when you feel comfortable you can add something to the conversation, chat away!

  3. If you are a newbie you are bound to encounter some problems with the chatroom. No worries, the other chatters will gladly help you out. Make sure however, to read the helpfiles first. Because if the veteran chatters keep getting asked the same thing, they might start replying with a "rtfm" (Read the fucking manual).

  4. The publication of messages with explicit, sexual content (Sex-contacts etc.), racist, sexist remarks, libel and other offensiveness are not tolerated. You will get kicked and banned fromt the lesbian chatroom.

  5. Do not write in capital letters. It is considered screaming. You will therefore get kicked. You are also responsible for the atmosphere in the chatroom. Make sure it stays a welcoming and safe place for women.

  6. Do not try to force your opinion on other users. Remember the world is a big place full of very different people. They may have different views and opinions. Respect them!

  7. If someone is being rude to you - just ignore her. Do not start a flame war. If nothing helps, please notify NEKA, the chat bot, by sending her a private message. She will then take care of the problem.

  8. Do not flood the lesbian chatrooms.

  9. Don't trust ANYBODY enough to give them any personal information over chat - not even email addresses. To stay in contact with other members, please use your nickpage or the instant messenger until you feel like you can trust them.

  10. If you notice any abuse (men in the chatroom, spam etc..) please notify NEKA immediately, by sending her a private message. She will then deal with the matter appropriately. Or send an email to us

Lesbian Chat Guidelines
In addition to the general Houserules of the - Lesbian Online Community (Read) the following applies to the lesbian chatrooms:

  1. Please do not ask us for CHOP status. Whenever we need new operators, we will ask the helpful and polite members of the chat whether they want to take the responsibility for being a CHOP. CHOP status is not a symbol of power, it's a volunteer job to keep peace in the chat and help the chatroom to grow. It's a hard job and not everyone is qualified enough to do this. Being an operator is not a privilege, it's a responsibility. And obviously We can't make everyone a CHOP because we don't need that many ;-)

  2. Please speak english in #english. Should you wish to speak to your fellow chatters in a different language, please change to the appropriate channel or open a channel yourself. (<type: /join #dutch for instance.)

  3. Advertisement in your Quit message is prohibited. Links to racist, sexist, obscene, pornographic, harassing, defamatory or otherwise objectionable Websites are also prohibited.







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