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Lesbian Chat Online is a free chat for lesbian women and girls, singles or in relationships, mature or teens from all over the world. This free lesbian chat is protected by membership from unwanted male access. If you would like to use our free chatrooms for lesbians, you need to register with the shoe lesbian community (free of charge).


Our New Free Lesbian Chat - Now with Video Chat Feature

Our new Free Lesbian Chat for Lesbians and made by Lesbians offers some spanking new features.
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Brandnew Free Online Chat for Lesbians made by Lesbians
100% Free and Live. Registration required to protect you as this is a women only chat site for lesbians and their female friends.
Whether you are a single lesbian, in a relationship, mature lesbian or teenage lesbian.
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  • Lesbian Chat Online: Video Chat for Lesbians
Probably the most exciting new feature and the most wanted is the Video Chat for Lesbians only. See who you are chatting with. Switch on your webcam and chat with your fellow lesbian buddies from all over the world!

Brandnew free Chat for Lesbians
New Free Lesbian Chat with video feature for lesbians only

  • Lesbian Chat Online: Multi Room / Multi Tab
    Brandnew free Chat for Lesbians
A new feature is the possibility to chat and have other controls in separate tabs. You can join each room once and then easily switch between them using the tabs without leaving chat rooms. Also you now have separate tabs for your private conversations. This is a very immense improvement compared to the old chat, where all messages - open and private - appeared in the same room. You now have full control of who you are chatting with.
  • Lesbian Chat Online: Private Chat for Lesbians
Besides public chats with other lesbians you can create your own private lesbian room and invite other lesbian members to join private video / audio/ text chatting. It's so much fun!
  • Lesbian Chat Online: Bubble chat mode
Brandnew free Chat for LesbiansYou may post your messages in regular text or our newly developed bubble chat mode. In this chat mode your messages are posted in bubble callouts with the color background you choose.
  • Lesbian Chat Online: Drawing Option
A new type of drawing interface that's actually very easy and a lot of fun to use.
  • Lesbian Chat Online: Other Exciting Features
Of course the new free Chat for Lesbians offers lots more like: Choosing your own Avatar, Skin, Font Colors/Size and so much more!
  • Lesbian Chat Online: Enjoy chatting with other lesbians from all around the world

We are very excited to offer you our new free online Chat for Lesbians and hope you will have lots of memorable, fun and interesting chats with other Lesbians.

Have fun! Brandnew free Chat for Lesbians

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